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Из печати вышел №6 журнала Moscow Defense Brief за 2014 год


  • Repair and Upgrade of Russian Non-commercial Aircraft in 2011-2013

  • Ukraine’s Luch Design Bureau

  • Spetstroy – the Federal Agency for Special Construction Projects

  • Russian Nuclear Submarine Fleet

  • The Commander-in-Chief ’s Reserve

  • Northern Joint Strategic Command of the Russian Armed Forces

  • Known Export Deliveries of Russian Man-Portable Air Defense Systems in 2005-2013

  • ‘Brothers Armed’ Book Review

CAST invites you to take a subscription for 2015 to the magazine Moscow Defense Brief.

Registration form is available on http://mdb.cast.ru/subscribe.

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Подписочка пятьсот долля́ров

Пользуясь случаем поздравляю от лица всего /wm/, будучи на то совершенно не уполномочен :3

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